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Students are regularly confronted with various social, financial and personal challenges during their studies. Managing these challenges significantly affects the success of academic and personal development. 

Studying is a financially demanding undertaking. Besides semester fees and equipment for everyday student life, accommodation, health insurance and daily living must be financially covered. And of course, a beer or two should also be possible. Furthermore, there are questions of personal organisation, student benefits, social support as well as student exchange. To find answers to all these questions, the universities and various ministries and organisations offer countless information platforms. Moreover, social and financial support can also be applied[ 1]. 

Alongside these material challenges, many students also face very personal challenges. These include not only studying with a child, but also studying with a disability. In Germany, almost 10% of students have one or more children. This fact leads to a whole range of obligations that young parents have to deal with. On top of organising their studies and caring for their offspring at the same time, parents who study rarely have the opportunity to take on a part-time job while studying and raising their children.

in addition to the fact that a child is, of course, a significant economic investment. To make it as easy as possible for these students, there are many diversified support services offered by the universities[1].  For example, various universities offer their own parent-child rooms in the libraries or take the special situation of students into account when allocating study positions. The state also supports students with children with social benefits and various political family funds[2].  

Another group that faces particular challenges in coping with everyday university life are students with disabilities. Alongside the problem of lack of barrier-free conditions and the tendency for increased absence time due to medical treatments, the resulting disadvantages in examinations are an additional obstacle. For these reasons, universities and politics support students with disabilities as much as possible. In addition to the possibility of disadvantage equalisation, there is also the possibility of special applications and differentiated counselling services [3]. 

On this website you will find initial introductory information on all these areas and many more. This will give you the opportunity to get an overview and show you the services that can help you on a personal level. 

We wish you all the best and don't forget that studying is also supposed to be fun.  


Health insurance

Aside from the obligatory insurance that applies to all students at state-run universities, there are several aspects that are relevant to health insurance as a student.

Next to information on the differences between public and private health insurance, you can find all important information around the topic of insurance here.


For many students, taking up gainful employment is an important part of financing their studies. Next to earning a living through it, gainful employment also offers the opportunity to finance your next holiday. Here you will find all the information you need on the topics of work, pension insurance, obligatory social insurance and much more.  

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The look-out for an affordable place to live has brought sweat to the forehead of many a student. Nevertheless, there are various living alternatives for students. Whether it's a student dormitory, a room-sharing flat, building regulations or noise rules. Here you can find answers to all your questions about housing. 


One of the greatest advantages of being a student are the countless discounts that you can benefit from. Along with the Unidays platform, which offers discounts for numerous shops, you can find an overview of the most important discount benefits as a student here. 

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Social assistance

Every student can get into an emergency situation in which they need help from the state. The reasons for this can be of very different kinds: an illness, an accident or a too little income. In such cases, there is social assistance, which offers you the necessary security to continue your studies. You can find information about the conditions and legal requirements here. 

International students 

International students face a variety of additional challenges before and during their studies in the Federal Republic of Germany. Here you will find the most important counselling centres as well as answers to the most relevant questions. 

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Students with disabilities 

Around 11% of all students in Germany have a health condition and are therefore confronted with social obstacles that also make studying more difficult. 
Here you will find some introductory answers and platforms that can help you with your studies. 

Compatibility of family and studies 

The societal trend toward increasingly higher educational qualifications and their time commitment is making it increasingly difficult to start a family at an early age. This trend has further intensified in recent years.

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