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Visits Abroad

In an increasingly globalised world, in which more and more parts of society are networked and operating worldwide, intercultural experience as well as expertise in international exchange play a crucial role. Politics, business and society no longer see skills in this area as a unique attribute, but much more as a common skillset. It is therefore a useful path for students to gain expertise in international exchange. One opportunity to access this experience and combine it with one's personal academic career is certainly studying abroad. No matter whether it is a semester abroad or a longer stay. Attending a university abroad is an enriching experience both academically and personally. Studying abroad is now an integral part of many students' study plans. Approximately 71% of all students now spend at least 3 months abroad[1] Regardless of whether you want to study under the Erasmus programme or plan your own personal stay abroad. In addition to a well-rounded academic formation, studying abroad naturally offers the advantages of

getting to know a new country and a new culture. Furthermore, you learn or improve your skills in the language of the host country and make life-long lasting friendships. Nevertheless, the most important question cannot be taken away from you. Namely, the question of whether you are confident enough to stay abroad for a longer period of time. In this case, it's not about getting to know a country; you can also gain this kind of experience during a holiday. It's about knowing whether you can imagine living in another country. Of course, a semester abroad also involves a lot of planning. In addition to selecting a place to study, there are many other questions, both large and small. These include as an example the financing, the credit transfer and the visa regulations. 

No matter whether you want to study within the framework of the Erasmus programme or plan your own personal stay abroad, this page offers you a first point of contact. Here you will find introductory information for a successful kick-off of your planning for a semester abroad. 

We wish you a good journey.

College Studenten

Studying abroad

Many questions need to be cleared up before you can study abroad. In besides deciding on a country and one of the universities located there, the question of admission entitlement as well as the visa must be resolved.

You can find all the relevant organisational aspects you need to consider here. 


Studying abroad can be financed through various options. Besides the classic way of financing through BAföG, a stay abroad can also be covered by scholarships or EU programmes. Self-financing is also possible. 

Verschiedene Geldscheine

Internship abroad 

An internship abroad offers you a great opportunity to gain first work experiences and to get to know other working methods. 

As well as developing new career opportunities, it also gives you the chance to improve your language skills.

Work and Travel

If you prefer to get to know a country from a new perspective, work and travel is the right choice for you. Through different work activities and locations, you have the opportunity to get to know many different aspects in a very short time.  

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The Bologna reform

The Bologna reform makes it possible to study abroad easily and is also one of the most important reforms in higher education policy. You can find an overview and further explanations here.

Checklist and useful informations

To make sure you don't forget anything, here is a checklist with all the important things you need to have in mind. There is also a list of many useful contacts. 

Have a good journey 

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